Who is Darrick?

Darrick is a man who said YES to Yahweh through Christ Jesus and meant it. Darrick is a sinner who gave his life to Christ 11/1996. Darrick is Steward of His Affairs for WalkByFaithWithExpectations-WBFWE (this ministry belongs to LORD God in Christ Jesus name… Yahweh is CEO/CFO/BOSS/President/Owner… I am just Steward of His Affairs). Darrick is a willing vessel and says Thus SAYS THE LORD. Darrick has JOY in and from His Father in Heaven and no life situations, circumstances, trials, or tribulations will take that JOY. Darrick believes it is better to give than receive.

Darrick is a man with faults, who can be hypocritical, judgmental, a willful sinner, fornicator, etc… but Yahweh still called and chose me despite my flaws, faults, and shortcomings. He and only He can judge me through Christ Jesus and NO Devil, NO person, No society can convict me again of what I’ve been FORGIVEN OF AND SET FREE FROM IN JESUS’ NAME… AMEN. Darrick encourages you to KNOW YOURSELF, KNOW WHO YOU BELONG TO, and KNOW THAT WHOM THE LORD HAS SET FREE IS FREE INDEED (you just have to know that you yourself are free).

Darrick is a cancer survivor. Darrick is a self published author. Darrick is a military veteran.

What is WalkByFaithWithExpectations (WBFWE)?

WalkByFaithWithExpectations became a reality in January 2006. It is a ministry given to me by Yahweh through Christ Jesus, but even more importantly it is a way of life. It is about getting on one accord with your relationship with Lord God through Christ Jesus and your faith walk. Understanding no one is perfect. Understanding all relationships with the Father through Christ Jesus are a work in progress. But also understanding that it is time to put away childish things, get off the fence, get off the MILK and get on the MEAT, and commit to Him. We will fall short with our relationship and faith walk, but we should learn from the fall so that next time we can recognize the stumble and we don’t fall again. But if we do fall again, get up, dust off, learn from the fall, and start walking again. The faith walk is not a race. Yes the faith walk can be painful and excruciatingly long, but we can’t give up! We have to be real with ourselves and real with the HOLY ONE. How real can our faith walk be if our relationship is all about self and what we can get from Him… if we are lying to self… not being honest with self… don’t know self? We can fool self and others, but we can’t fool GOD ALMIGHTY.

WalkByFaithWithExpectations is about helping others strive to love Yahweh through Christ Jesus more than this world… more than self… more than anything else. It is about knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that where you are in life is exactly where He wants you. You will feel and know in your spirit when He is leading you and if you are getting outside His perfect will for you. It is about you being obedient no matter the cost, no matter how much it may hurt, no matter how much it may go against what you want, and no matter how things may look. But once you know that you are where you suppose to be with Him… obedience is so much easier, your faith walk becomes much much stronger, your joy stays with you despite your situation or circumstance, and you have confidence and stability and consistency in your life. Once you know you have lined up with The Father through Christ Jesus you can truly Walk By Faith With Expectations… the EXPECTATION that you can encounter GOD, experience GOD, see GOD, feel GOD, receive from GOD, give to others, be blessed by GOD and others, and be a blessing to others during your faith walk at any time and any place!!!

In order to help you draw closer to the Father through Christ Jesus, steady your faith walk, and begin to WalkByFaithWithExpectations, I will share the Word as led by the Holy Spirit, I will share personal testimony as led by the Holy Spirit, I will share writings, thoughts, sayings, stories as led by the Holy Spirit, I will author books as led by the Holy Spirit, and I will give as led by the Holy Spirit.


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