Thursday, March 10, 2022

Today’s Featured Scripture: 19 Psalm 12-13

Scripture: How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults. Keep your servant from deliberate sins! Don’t let them control me. Then I will be free of guilt and innocent of great sin.

Happy blessed Thursday WBFWE Family. Praying all is well with you and your family today. Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. I pray a blessing in Jesus name for the readers of this post. Continue to have an awesome, purposeful, and productive day in Jesus name. Amen… Sealed!

In order to discuss the featured scripture I have to first summarize 2 Samuel 11 and discuss it. Enjoy the post and I pray it is edifying and a blessing to you!

King David had everything he could’ve wanted or needed. He ruled over Israel. He was a conqueror. He had a city named after him. He had a palace for a home. He had wives, concubines, children, an army, wealth, and he had LORD God on his side. And if that wasn’t enough, if there was something he thought he wanted/needed he could’ve asked LORD God for it and surely it would’ve been given to him. King David was a man after God’s own heart and he was blessed beyond measure. You would think someone like that would be settled and overjoyed, and also recognized and appreciated his blessings. With King David being so blessed and having the relationship with LORD God like he did, you would think deliberate sin would be the furtherest thing from his heart and mind.

2 Samuel 11 tells us (summarizing) that one spring afternoon, after taking a midday rest, the King took a walk on the roof of his palace, which overlooked the city, and he noticed a woman of unusual beauty taking a bath. He found out who she was, Bathsheba, a married woman… called her to his palace… and slept with her. Come to find out King David got the woman of unusual beauty pregnant. David had her husband Uriah pulled from the ongoing war with the Ammonites to have him rest from the war and sleep with his wife Bathsheba. Not only did Uriah feel bad for leaving the war to have the comfort of home and his wife, he slept at entrance of King David’s palace and didn’t see or sleep with his wife. David invited Uriah to dinner and got him drunk, but Uriah still didn’t go home or sleep with his wife. The King decided to have Uriah put on the front line of the war being fought, to ensure Uriah’s death, and sure enough Uriah was killed.

Now let’s dive deeper into King David’s sins/hidden faults and the featured scripture.

I believe it’s safe to say that when King David got up to walk along his palace roof top that he wasn’t scoping out the city plotting and planning on what married woman he could sleep with. I believe he didn’t wake up saying I want to deliberately sin today. Just as well, we as Christians that have a strong relationship with Our Heavenly Father don’t wake up plotting and planning deliberate sin (giving benefit of the doubt here). David had sin in his heart just like we all have sin in our hearts. Why… because we are human sinful beings. It’s not our fault that we were born into it. And sometimes we don’t know what sin is lurking in our hearts as David didn’t know that the sin of sleeping with a married woman was lurking in his heart. 19 Psalm 12 states, how can we know all the sins lurking in our hearts and to cleanse us of these hidden faults. If we are not consistently and daily praying that the sins lurking in our hearts and that these hidden faults be cleansed from our hearts, we will give room to the flesh, give room to the devil, and give room to sin… deliberate and unintentional.

Once David took his admiration of Bathsheba to the LUST level, he begin to dig a hole for himself, but a hole he could’ve easily threw the dirt back over like it never even happened. But the King let lust, his flesh, his ego, and his physical desire take over and all he saw was what he wanted, which was Bathsheba. We too as Christians start out with harmless thoughts or admiration and we let things get out of hand or go too far. But we didn’t start out wanting to sin or get into a situation we can’t get out of. Things have a tendency to move at warp speed when emotions, flesh, and mental desire are in control, thus leaving the Christ in us no where to be found.

David escalated his situation by trying to cover up his deliberate sin. So he went from waking up not having a sinful thought when he took his midday walk, to beginning to plot and plan and thinking he could outsmart his sin and his situation. But by beginning to let the lurking sin in his heart take the wheel, get creative, and fix the situation, he begin to put one foot in the hole that he had dug for himself. He didn’t pray and ask for forgiveness. He didn’t confess his sin. Instead of doing what was right, David did what was wrong and invited Uriah to dinner… got him drunk… and plotted to eventually have him killed. He poured gasoline on a fire that was already lit. Sad to say, but again we as Christians today do the exact same thing. We figure things are not out of control yet so we decide we have a chance to fix or change things, all the while digging a bigger and deeper hole for our situation and ourselves. We leave Yahweh through Christ Jesus out of our fiasco and we go places and do things we will not recover or return from.

There are consequences to pay for our deliberate sin though we are too deep into situations to really grasp the magnitude of the consequences of what we are doing/have done/created. King David didn’t think about his consequences because he thought he was getting away with something (crazy for him to think he could get away with his atrocities when he had the kind of relationship he had with LORD God… but we do the same things also). David didn’t think things would come back on him and that his life, kingdom, and family would change like it was prophesied by Nathan. If David had taken a few minutes to count the cost of his lust… his flesh… his desires… his ACTIONS… I don’t think he would’ve risked all he had… all his blessings… his future… on something he didn’t have to do at all. One domino fell (curious about a beautiful married woman), to another domino falling (sleeping with her), to all the dominos falling (cover-up, murder, cover-up again, and affecting his future).

We can learn a lot from King Davids transgressions. We can learn to stop and think before we respond/react deliberately or unintentionally. If we get into something we shouldn’t be in we can stop… repent… and right our wrong and not continue digging our own grave. We can learn that a moments pleasure is not worth a lifetime of agony. We can learn that any sin can alter our present, our future, our family, our livelihood, our lives. We can ask ourselves before anything is done, is this worth it… compared to that hindsight and saying shoulda.. woulda.. coulda.. and that it wasn’t worth it.

Almighty God knows our hearts and what is lurking in it. And if He knows our hearts and what’s in it. Let’s pray to Him… let’s confess to Him… that we don’t know all the sins lurking in our hearts. Let’s ask Him to cleanse us from these hidden faults. Let’s ask Him to keep us, His servants, from deliberate sins. So we don’t let our sins control us and that we can and will be free of guilt and innocent of great sin! Let’s pray… Let’s confess this through Christ Jesus… Amen… Sealed!!!


Song: Renew Me by Martha Munizzi

Song: Give Me A Clean Heart by Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ

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  1. WOW!!! This devotional definitely ministered to me. Thank you for sharing. Listening to song now. I pray you’re feeling well and enjoying your day.

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