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June 9, 2022

Is God Good?

Hi WBFWE Family. I pray all is well today with you and yours. Im excited about what you are about to read… sooooo let’s get to it!

As a believer/Christian more than likely you’ve heard the saying… “God is Good All The Time… and All The Time God is Good”. In Genesis Chapter 1 you will see Lord God creating everything that walks, crawls, flies, swims, and flows… and the Word says that God saw that it was good. And when He created human beings He saw us as very good. When I see that Lord God saw it as good and very good, to me it’s the same as He is speaking after His creation and verbally saying that’s good and that’s very good.

Again the saying is God is Good All The Time and All The Time God is Good. So how can the creation be on the same level as the Creator. Our Father doesn’t share His Glory with anything or anyone (see Isaiah 42:8). So if He doesn’t share His Glory with anyone or anything why do we give food, people, things, the same compliment, praise, glory as Him. It’s only natural, in the flesh, to the touch, to the taste buds, to the eyes, that we call things good. We even go as far as to call performers and athletes GREAT…. now that is definitely better than the good that God gets called. I’m not saying that people, places, food, and things don’t deserve the appropriate compliment or credit, because they do. Let’s just keep things in right frame of reference and be respectful!

Out of the mouth comes matters of the heart and we say how or what we feel. We condition ourselves to see that nothing is wrong to put people, places, things on the same level/pedestal as our God. No harm no foul right, but I’m sure our Heavenly Father sees harm in it. I say that because His Word tells us He is a jealous God. He is without sin. He doesn’t like to be compared to other things or idols. He wants all our high praise for Himself and rightfully so. If we put into perspective all we have, all we are, all we are able to do is because of Him, why would we want to share His accolades and high praise with a person, place, or thing???

Words matter! There is a difference to us a humans if we say we like or we love. If we say something is ok, good, or great. We listen and we get lifted up or torn down based on the words that we speak or that is spoken about us. So if it matters to us in what we hear, why would it not matter to Him in what He hears? You may be saying Darrick lighten up… it’s just words I don’t mean any harm by it. I will say we say it’s harmless until we are on the receiving end of some unflattering or sub-par complimentary words. Why would Our Creator create something that should get the same or higher praise than Him?

I’ve been convicted of this for a while… giving people, places, things, food… the same praise/glory/compliment as Yahweh. How we view our Creator matters. Us not sharing His praise with “stuff” or “things” or “people” matters. We say God is good and we say that hamburger is good… those ribs are good… that chicken is good. So the same animals… cow, pig, chicken… our Creator created and called good is on the same level as Him. That those animals deserve the same praise as the One who created them? It can come across like we are idolizing those animals. Now God knows I love me some Church’s Chicken or Wing Stop Chicken Wings or some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, especially if the HOT SIGN is ON. Give me a 22oz Porter House Steak and I’m in heaven. There is nothing wrong with food being good. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the animals the food comes from. There is nothing wrong with people being good. But to put the Creator and His creation on the same level by using the same words… that is suspect.

Lord God is on a level all by Himself. And no person, place, thing, animal, or food can come close or be compared to Him. All that He created is good… why is it good… well He called it or saw it good himself. We have an awesome, amazing, mind blowing Creator. We serve a God that is beyond comparison to anything else. Let’s stop comparing Him and putting Him on the same level as the things and people He created by the words we speak. Sure people, places, things, food, can be good or called good, but where does that leave Yahweh… what do we call Him? So my question to you is… Is God Still Good?


April 5, 2022

95 Psalm 2“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!”

Imagine waking up to the love of your life and being excited to greet them with the biggest not sooo freshest smelling hello and good morning smile! 10 times out of 10 nobody cares that the other person’s breath is hellacious or that there is food from last night still present in the teeth. The bad breathe or left overs in the mouth don’t matter to you. All that matters to you is being able to greet your baby. WHAT THE WHAT… your baby gets up out of bed and doesn’t greet you. They act like you don’t exist. You’ve been awake before the alarm goes off and you’ve been patiently waiting for them to wake up and you don’t get your GOOD MORNING BABY that you had been waiting for. You get no love, appreciation, thank you, or acknowledgement. You are left confused, hurt, and not understanding what just happened. Did y’all go to bed mad last night and you weren’t aware of it. Ya’ll both love the mornings. Should you wait and see if they come back out and speak? Should you go and speak first? Should you get an attitude because they didn’t speak? Ohhhh the agony of the mornings when a 30 second to 1 minute greeting would’ve made the morning and started you off on the right foot.

We wake up in God’s presence whether we acknowledge Him or not! We consciously enter his presence when we open our eyes. If we are grateful for another day why not thank The ONE who made another day possible. He loves us consistently and unconditionally. Let us slow down and not put our day ahead of Him before we acknowledge Him. He gives to us more than anybody could ever give to us. He gives to us when we don’t deserve it. He gives to us when we haven’t earned it. He does for us when He doesn’t have to. And what we should rightly get or deserve (nothing) He gives us the opposite (something). We wake up with roughly 16-18 hours in the day to operate and move around and do what we want or need to do. Why not start it off right by acknowledging THE LOVE OF OUR LIFE (or should be). Yahweh acknowledges us by giving us life every single day. God also accepts us unconditionally to include waking up with bad breathe and left overs from yesterday tucked away in our mouth. If we would feel a certain way if our baby or loved one doesn’t greet us in the morning (as mentioned above) imagine how The Father feels when we start our day without acknowledging HIM!

We enter HIS presence when we open our eyes…. our THANK YOU to HIM is our joyful noise to HIM.


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

God’s work done God’s way never lacks God’s supply of wisdom and energy!

Good morning WBFWE Family. Happy blessed Tuesday. I pray all is well and that you are well today. I’ve begun reading the book 2 Samuel and in the preface I read what I am sharing with you today… God’s work done God’s way never lacks God’s supply of wisdom and energy! This was so profound, but yet simple, that I had to share with you. When God has called us to be His hands, feet, or mouth peace… when He has called us to do work for Him… He doesn’t expect us or want us to operate in our energy, strength, wisdom. When Yahweh calls us to be about His business in Jesus name He already has everything planned out and OUR STEPS ARE ALREADY ORDERED. All… you, me, we have to do is ask OUR Heavenly Father through Christ Jesus how to do what He has called us to do. The biggest mistake we can make in starting what God has called us to do is operate in our own strength… know how… and way! When we start our calling/journey without consulting Him or we forget to consult Him consistently and daily we will surely run out of ideas, ways, means, and encounter dead ends… frustration… irritation… lose motivation/faith. We use our LIMITED resources, favor, and wisdom and not HIS UNLIMITED resources, favor, and unmatched wisdom, therefore making the work/journey harder, longer, and tiresome. We will eventually run out of gas or give up. Doing God’s work God’s way WE will NEVER lack God’s supply of wisdom and energy.

Today let’s walk in peace that surpasses all understanding and let’s embrace and walk in victory that is already YOURS… MINES… OURS. In Jesus name. Amen… SEALED!


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