The Bible only works if you believe in it. We want Yahweh’s Promises… Yahweh’s

Blessings…. but the right relationship is required in order to truly unlock His Promises

and His Blessings. 

The just and unjust gets blessed and the just and unjust gets rained on. 

But the cup overfloweth type blessings are truly for the just… not the unjust. When 

we stop playing, faking, being on the fence with our WALK and start getting serious 

with our WALK in our heart, mind, and spirit then we can really experience all of 

LORD God’s Promises, which are YES and AMEN.

Yahweh wants our attention. Satan wants our attention. The Father wants us to 

work for Him… Jesus tells us in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful but the 

laborers are few.” But Satan also wants us to come work for him. They both want us, 

but only ONE will get us to do their work. The Word tells us NO ONE can serve two 

masters. You will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Who will you work 


With everything going on in today’s society… the world… Satan wants us to focus on 

the chaos, the uncertainty, the fear, the virus, what we have lost, what we don’t have. 

The enemy wants you scared, afraid, combative, and distracted. Because the more 

we see the world and what’s going on the less we see our Blessor and His Blessings. 

When we focus on worrying, stressing, our headache, our heartache, trying to figure 

things out ourselves, relying on our own strength to get us no where fast, we 

become ineffective for Yahweh and more effective for Satan.  

We can’t be afraid to face or speak to the Devil, this world, or our situation. Prime 

example of what I’m talking about is Jesus being tempted by the Devil in 

Matthew 4:1-11. We first have to remember that Jesus was led by the Spirit 

into the wilderness to deal with Satan. Jesus was not led by his flesh, emotions, 

feelings, or his own strength in dealing with Satan. Jesus didn’t ignore the Devil in 

front of Him… talking to Him… tempting Him. Jesus spoke to that Devil. Jesus put the 

Word on that Devil.  Jesus put the Word on each temptation. Then Jesus told Satan to 

kick rocks… get to stepping… get away from me. And just as Jesus put the Word on 

the Devil, we have to be led by the Holy Spirit not our flesh and emotions and put The

Word on the chaos, on the uncertainty, on the fear, on our loss, on the enemy, on

whatever has us bound. 

We are 3 months into a new year and the best is still to come. I know we 

want it all better right now. Like going from being born to running… no crawling or 

walking involved. But we have to start somewhere. The word tells us in 

Zechariah 4:10 don’t despise small beginnings. In life we can’t start at the end or 

middle. Life requires us to start at the beginning. Starting at the beginning can make 

the journey excruciatingly long. But there is beauty, growth, maturity, and testimony

during the journey. Recovering from COVID gotta start somewhere. Healing from the

death of a loved one gotta start somewhere. Recovering your business or starting

a new business gotta start somewhere. Lost everything and need to get back on your

feet gotta start somewhere. Lost your marriage or relationship during these trying times

gotta start somewhere. DON’T DESPISE SMALL BEGINNINGS. Gotta Believe… Keep 



Song: I Gotta Believe by Yolanda Adams

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