Friday, June 3, 2022

Today’s Featured Scripture: 1 Peter 5:8

Scripture: “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

Happy Blessed Friday WBFWE Family. I pray that you and your family are doing well. Have a safe and blessed weekend. Talk to you soon… God bless you!

A lot has taken place in this country and in this world since my last post… smh. I don’t want to harp on the negative and highlight negativity, but at the same time I won’t bury my head and act like the devil isn’t busy. We all know what has taken place the last few weeks. From the senseless, evil, hate crime in Buffalo, NY with the murdering of innocent black people. To the sick, unimaginable, and can’t believe it happened killing of innocent children and adults at a elementary school in Uvalde, TX. And that’s what the news has highlighted. What about what the news doesn’t tell us… the innocent lives lost on a daily basis in major and small cities all across this country.

With what I just mentioned it really brings the featured scripture to light. Stay Alert: we need to stay alert no matter where we go and what we do. We should be saying a prayer every time we get in our vehicles… step outside our homes… heading out in the morning… coming home at night… we need to stay alert and not take the simple things for granted like… just going outside… just going up the street… just running to the store… just going to get gas… just going to the movies… just going to work… just going to church. Watch out for your great enemy, the devil: Satan is real. Let me say it again… SATAN IS REAL. And he doesn’t care if you are a follower of him, a follower of Christ, what your religion or belief is, what color you are, your nationality, your age, your gender, where you live, where you shop, or who you love. Satan is looking and scheming every second of every minute of every day. We have to stay vigilant and prayerful. We don’t have to be paranoid or afraid to go anywhere… though that is what the enemy wants. He wants us to focus more on him and his destruction and the fear he brings and not on our God and Lord and Savior and our blessings. We need to be mindful, careful, prayerful while we are out, and purposefully take Yahweh (God) with us when we go out. Yes Yahweh watches over us, but inviting Him to go with you and covering yourself and others in the blood of Jesus is really watching out for yourself, others, and your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour: Satan uses those that are unsuspecting and those that are willing. Yahweh has His foot soldiers and vessels to do His perfect will and Satan has his foot soldiers and imps to do his disastrous will. Satan looks for people that have hatred in their hearts and believes the lies he feeds them. He looks for people that are vulnerable and that he can prey on. We see pictures of people doing the devil’s work and their skin color is of various colors. The devil doesn’t care what color you are, all he cares about is if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for his cause… the cause/mission of steal, kill, and destroy. Let’s not get it twisted or think that because we are Christians that we are immune from being used by Satan… because we are not. Christians are/can be used by Satan also. We all allow ourselves to be used by Satan, it just depends to what level/extent. We may not go out in society and steal, kill, and destroy, but we may steal, kill, and destroy within our home or family or job… with ugly tempers, bad uncontrolled emotions, hateful hurtful words, or mean actions. And being uncontrolled and unhinged at home will cause us to devour our loved ones/friends. And being that way at home can lead to being that uncontrolled and unhinged person in society. Though Satan is constantly prowling and looking… you, me, we don’t have to be the one he uses or the one he devours.

Song: You Are Here by William McDowell


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